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Calendar of the International Laboratory

  • 1956 - establishment of the Department of Low Temperatures of the Institute of Physics, PAS, headed by
    prof. Stanislaw Roman Ingarden;

  • 1961 - construction and activation of the first in Poland Bitter magnet generated magnetic fields up to 4T;

  • 1964 - meeting of the CMEA scientific experts in Minsk; formulation of the idea of creating in Wroclaw an international research center dealing with the properties of matter in strong magnetic fields and low temperatures;

  • 1965 - meeting of the experts in Dresden: prof. Wlodzimierz Trzebiatowski on behalf of the Polish Academy of Sciences presents the concept of the creation of the International Laboratory;

  • 1968 - signing an agreement between the Polish, Bulgarian, GDR and USSR Academies of Sciences to establish the International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures in Wroclaw.
    Appointment of Prof. W. Trzebiatowski as the Director of the Laboratory and Prof. Nikolai E. Alekseevskii as the President of the Scientific Council;

  • 1968 - transfer to work in the IL of the scientific and technical staff by the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research PAS;

  • 1969 - construction and starting the Bitter magnet generated magnetic fields up to 10T;

  • 1971 - construction and activation the Bitter magnet generated magnetic fields up to 15T;

  • 1975 - construction and starting the Bitter magnet generated magnetic fields up to 20T;

  • 1982 - activation of the "Cahn 1000" magnetic balance;

  • 1993 - beginning of the program for developing and construction of pulsed magnets generated quasi-stationary fields up to 40-50T;

  • 1994 - establishment of the status of full members (with decision-making vote in the management of the Laboratory) and associate members of IL; the full members became the academies of sciences of Poland, Russia and Bulgaria; associate members became, e.g., the academies of sciences of Ukraine and Moldova;

  • 2004 - activation of the pulsed magnet generated quasi-stationary (300 ms) fields up to 40-50T, and purchasing of the superconducting magnet of 15T;

  • 2005 - the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine obtained the status of the full member of the Laboratory;

  • 2006 - the Laboratory obtained the status of an international institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences;

  • 2007 - activation of an vibration magnetometer with a stepper motor for measurements in the Bitter and superconducting magnets;

  • 2009 - 2010 - activation of a dilatometer for magnetostriction measurements in the superconducting magnet;

  • 2014 - activation of the PPMS

  • 2016 - in two-coil electromagnet (the construction IL) with a replaceable outer coil obtained a field with the induction of 54 T.



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